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Refreshing Mist suitable for all skin types and various skin breakout, including sensitive or stressed-out skin. It contains gentle yet powerful adaptogen, hypochlorous acid, that helps to promote skin resilience and radiance via anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and regenerative actions.

    • Purifies and decongests pores
    • Soothes redness and irritations
    • Reduces skin breakouts on the face and body
    • Restores skin balance
    • Improves skin clarity and complexion
    • Cleanses pre-procedure skin
    • Calms post-procedure or sunburned skin

    Directions For Use:

      • Spray on facial and body skin as needed throughout the day to help calm, soothe, and heal blemishes
      • Spray directly on mask to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for skin

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